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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Easy Malpua Recipe For Everyone - Tasty Indian Desserts

An easy recipe to make tasty malpua

If you want to make malpua at home, just watch the following video! It is very easy and to the point, you should be able to learn the recipe right away. The best part is, we are sharing the whole recipe and ingredients in this article as well. Make sure to read this post in full and, f you know someone who needs to see this, let them know :)

Here are the ingredients for Malpua Recipe

  • Suji/Semolina 200 gm 
  • Baking Powder 2tsp
  • Fennel Seeds 3 tsp
  • Black Pepper 2 tsp
  • Sugar 200 gm
  • Water 1 Glass
  • Oil For Fry

Here's the Malpua Recipe:

Once you have all the ingredients ready, just go ahead and follow these steps:
  • Add 200 grams of Semolina, 2 tsp of baking powder, 3 tsp fennel seeds, 2 tsp black pepper seeds, 200 grams of sugar and 1 glass of water in vessel
  • Give the mixture a good stir to make a smooth batter, the consistency should be on a semi-thicker side
  • Once the batter is ready, its time to heat the oil in a Kadahi or a vessel of your choice
  • To the heated oil, gently pour in the small chunks of batter using a Kadchi (Steele Liquid Server)
  • Fry until you see malpuas turn golden brown
  • Take out the malpuas, remove the extra oil using tissue papers
  • Serve them hot with Kheer (Recipe coming Soon)
That's about it!

Just follow this recipe and start making tasty malpuas in your kitchen this weekend :)

We will be back with another recipe soon! Until then, have a great day :)

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